Bridging Finance and Loans – Buying Below Market Value

The right bridging finance and loans can help you to make real money from BMV properties.

If you’re determined to make your property business a success, you need to look for below-market-value (BMV) properties to buy.Read More about quick bridging loans at Learning how to spot a good BMV property comes with practice, but once you know what you’re looking for, and how to buy to your advantage, you can turn small profits into big ones without difficulty. Even in a housing market like the one we’re seeing at the moment, it’s still possible to by BMV properties successfully – and using the right bridging finance and loans can help you to release the extra cash you need as quickly as possible.

Bridging finance and loans for BMV properties

You may find a property that’s being marketed at below market value from the start, but in many cases, securing a BMV property is in your hands. Finding a property that suits your needs, whether it’s a rental possibility or a development to sell on, is the first step. You then need to use your negotiating skills to have an offer accepted at below market value. If you’re unsure how to do this, you could benefit from our dedicated property course, which gives you all the skills you need to get the property you want at a price you’re willing to pay. Often, having the finance in place to buy the property chain-free can be an incentive to both the agent and the vendor to bring the property down to your price.Bridging Finance and Loans – Buying Below Market Value

Bridging finance and loans to help you profit

Of course, the secret to buying BMV properties is then to get the benefit of the full market value. Well-organized bridging finance and loans allow you to buy the property with a mortgage and then remortgage quickly for the full market value. You can pay off the original loan, leaving you with the cash you need to continue your business. The drawback for many property investors is that many mortgages have a repayment clause which means you can’t pay off the mortgage in a short time-frame. At Faster Bridging Finance, our mortgage experts can find you mortgage and remortgage deals that will help your business to run smoothly – getting that profit out of the BMV property almost immediately.Read More about the facts of bridging loans by Clicking Here.

Faster Bridging Finance has developed a new approach to closed bridging loans that saves you time, money and hassle. Developed specifically to help those who invest in property occasionally or who have large property portfolios and want to be able to get cash out quickly, the service uses a dedicated mortgage broker and conveyancing solicitor so that there are no hold-ups, just a straightforward bridging deal.

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