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How to know which type of loan to select

For many consumers the need to borrow money at some point is expected. Loans and borrowing are used for a whole range of different needs and as a result it is important consumers make an informed and well researched decision before committing to a specific agreement. Depending on the need for borrowing consumers will find there is a good selection of loan types and lenders who are able to assist. As much as selecting the correct type of loan is important so too is the need to ensure the loan itself is affordable and realistic to a monthly budget and expenditure. Many consumers who take a form of borrowing later express how difficult they have found it to realistically manage the longer term commitment required. This is why ensuring the loan is affordable and absolutely required must also play a part in the decision process.


As mentioned above consumers make the decision to borrow for a number of different reasons. Traditionally borrowing was reserved for large scale purchases where a long term commitment was result of approval. Consumers tended to reserve lending for the purchase of houses, home improvements, cars or even holidays (on a slightly smaller scale). In these instances consumers made a pre-planned decision to commit to repayment term in exchange of a substantial purchase. Consumers wishing to obtain such credit would visit the traditional high street banks and complete an in-depth application process to ensure the loan was affordable. Some consumers used credit card facilities instead but often the application process was very similar. Given the nature of the purchase consumers endeavoured to maintain the commitment until repaid. This meant treating the borrowing as a priority commitment and ensuring it was budgeted for as required.

In today’s economy there is a much larger range of lending which is available to consumers. Over the last few decades the way in which people borrow has changed quite dramatically and as a result the requirement to manage money is more important than ever. Today a consumer could obtain a loan ranging from £50.00 right through to £25,000.00 from a large number of suppliers. The rise of the internet means the resources available to consumers for borrowing has increased massively over the last few years particularly. This does not mean that large scale borrowing is more available and instead refers to shorting term borrowing availability. In fact there are now a number of sources for consumers to quickly borrow between £50.00 and £2000.00 if they wish to do so. The entire process is conducted online and therefore makes this type of borrowing very accessible. As a result consumers are now using borrowing for a much broader set of reasons which are completely different to traditional loans. Nowadays consumers are able to borrow without committing in advance to the lender what the purpose of the loan is. This means a consumer could borrow an extra £100.00 for a weekend away or £500.00 for a holiday. In either case the lender would not be questioning the reason.

This change in spending habits brings around a greater need for consumers to be able to manage their finances in a sensible manner to ensure over-spending does not occur. This is because the access to borrow means that typically, consumers are paying out larger sums in terms of their monthly commitments than ever before. It is now likely that an average consumer’s budget will include normal living expenses as well as commitments made for non-essential items as well. It is therefore easy to see how some consumers find themselves in a position where they cannot afford to repay everything they have borrowed. It is in these cases that a cycle of debt can be created as consumers continue to balance one form of borrowing against another. In such cases it would be advisable for consumers to consider the free resources who currently exist. There are a number of charity based organisations who can offer support and budgeting guidance to households who are struggling financially.

Ultimately a budget is a very simple tool which can be used to achieve a controlled result. Many consumers find by reviewing their monthly spending through a budget it is easier to understand where cut backs can be made. Without a budget or planner of some sort it is fair to say the majority of consumers would have no idea where month on month all of their money is really being spent, budgets are a great way of avoiding just that.

Looking for finance? How to budget accordingly

There can always be a time when someone is looking at exploring the different financial options available for them to possibly take out. However, before doing so they have to question with themselves a few things such as do they definitely one hundred percent need the finance in question and then ask how much they are realistically looking to borrow. They will also have to choose the lender to submit the application through and this is always a hard choice as there are so many different ones out there in the financial market place. Each lender can offer different things of which some are positive and some are strong negative factors. There can also be third party agencies that offer people the chance to gain assistance for looking at the finance and this to could be considered yet most of these options are expensive and never guarantee any finance being accepted in the first place. In this article I am going to explain some of the different finance options available to most people in the market place and how those people can then look to budget for the finance accordingly. This is always very important as people need to calculate when they take out a loan to make sure they know they can comfortably pay any amounts due. Missing any loan repayments can nearly always result in severe negative consequences for that particular person involved.

The short term loan market is a very common place for people to visit when they need cash quickly. People can submit their applications mainly online nowadays and if accepted they can receive their money into a chosen bank account that very same day of the application being made. This is perfect for people who need the money quickly or if any sudden unexpected cash emergencies arrived they would at least now know that they can make the payment. A common loan is the short term sector would be the payday where a small amount is normally borrowed and then repaid back on that persons next payday and it is because of the short duration of the loan agreement why these kind of loans charge high interest rates. They also offer the customers very little in terms of flexibility on the product as once they get obtained they normally have to be repaid in full within a single monthly period and in a single one off transaction. This as a result can be hard for the customer and if they can’t quite mange it there other repayment options are few and far between so they could end up defaulting on the loan agreement. A solid example of showing this would be if someone was to obtain a payday loan for £300.00, the interest on that agreement would most likely be around £75.00 (based on standard payday loan interest of £25 being charged per £100 that is borrowed) this would of course then mean that on their next payday the customer would have to pay as a result £375.00 in one go as well as maintain all other bills throughout that month. That could be tough to manage and certain repayments could be missed as a result.

I have found that a solid borrowing alternative would be the instalment loan for these sorts of scenarios. Those to can be funded very quickly and normally within the same day as the application being made. People normally just think of short term loans as finance that has been granted by Major banks or building society’s for large amounts and then for repayments to be spread over a number of years however now this is definitely not the case. There are lenders out there that can offer similar amounts to those of a payday loan but then people have the capabilities to spread their repayments over a set number of months instead of a single month. People do not have to pay instalment loans over such a long time frame and people can spread repayments over as a little as three months yet they can select longer if they need to so maybe over six, nine months and then up to a single year. A customer should always select a loan that fits in to their monthly budget and they should always know that any loan obtain is comfortably affordable. They should also know that the longer the loan duration that is chosen, the more repayments are made meaning more overall is paid back to that lender. Some payment terms as a result can make customers pay back so much more than they originally borrowed in the first place.