Welcome to our website, we offer a fuss free short term lending resource which is designed to suit your needs as a customer. We believe it is so important to have all the facts you need before you make the decision to consider a lender and that’s exactly what we aim to provide in this section of our website. We are an experienced based lender who has a wealth of knowledge in the industry across every single one of our team. This is one of the main reasons why we believe we can assist with your short term borrowing need. For most of us there comes a time in life when some form of borrowing is needed, whether that be a broken phone or unexpected bill, sometimes it can be difficult to plan in advance for these type of expenses. This is where we may be able to assist you.

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We offer a range of loan amounts which means you can make a selection which is right for you. We would advise, based on our experience, that you borrow the specific amount which is required and no more, to keep the loan affordable to you as an individual. We offer a simple and easy to complete application process which will typically take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. It is then our aim to provide you with a lending decision as quickly as possible. Our aim is to gather all the information we need when you complete our form to give you our lending decision. In instances where a little extra information is required, we will contact you as a matter of urgency to keep your application moving. If you submit your application outside of working hours, our Underwriters will be sure to review this for you as a matter of priority the very next working day.

Over time we have come to learn that many lenders charge a fee for their service, whether your application is successful or not. We are different. We believe applying for a short term lending resource should not carry any form of fee. That means we will not charge you a fee for applying, being successful or transferring the money to your account. Whether your application is approved by us or not, we will not charge you a fee.

We hope based on the above you will want to consider our product and our friendly and helpful team further, if you have any questions along the way please do get in touch.


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Compare payday loans and understanding why this is important


People may or may not realise that there are many things to consider when people are looking at taking out a form of loan. People need to know that they definitely need the loan in question and then they have to know how much they realistically need to borrow. People need to also decide what lender to use and apply through and there are so many different lenders out there each offering different benefits and negatives for their potential customers. People also may not be aware that there are a range of different finance types for people to consider, people can take out really short term loans such as payday loans for a single monthly period. A customer can also apply for an instalment loan where they split the repayments over an agreed amount of months. In this article I am going to explain further information on the payday loan product and then explain why it is always wise to compare payday loans so the best possible one out there can be selected and then applied for. Never just rush into making a loan application and consider what financial options are available for certain people to take out.

Some people may not fully understand what a payday loan is and how they work, well a payday loan is small loan provided by a range of different lenders for the customer to then repay the loan and any of the interest added on their next payday within a monthly period. People that take out the product should realise that the product offers very little to no flexibility as once the loan is obtained it must then be settled in full the next time that person is paid. Typically a payday loan due to its small agreement term and the range of customers they lend to charge high interest rates and that again makes repaying the debt once obtained hard to manage and unaffordable at times. The interest charged on the product can vary depending on the loan lender chosen however it will normally be around £25.00 charged per £100.00 that is borrowed. So for example if a customer borrows £400.00 there will be approximately £100.00 charged as interest making £500.00 due on that customers next payday and that to pay on top of all their other possible financial commitments may prove tough for them to manage. That as a result could lead to a person defaulting on the loan agreement and this can nearly always lead to severe money problems and other negative consequences for anyone involved.

Compare payday loans can be easy for a customer to action and they can be assured that by doing this they can select the best payday loan available in the financial market place at that present time. They here can find out what they can obtain with the best interest rate and what can offer potentially the best repayment term agreement. The payday lender can charge different interest rates and some are clearly going to be higher than others so this can save the customer money in both the short term and the long term of the financial agreements. In the same way if repayment terms can be varied on the payday loan product (unlikely) this is something that should be considered at every stage. Another big reason to compare payday loans would be to use the sites to read reviews based on the lenders available for selection. There are so many payday lenders out there for the customers to experience and some are just clearly better than others yet most of them can offer competitive rates and each company has there strong points and also their negative lending factors. People also need to establish whether they need to use a direct payday lender or a possible finance broker in order for them to get their loan accepted and then further funded. A comparison site can review customers feedback on the lender chosen and people can see how other people who are clearly in the save financial situation have found that lender and can then determine whether what they offer is of a decent and acceptable standard. People can then decide if making the application through them would be a good idea. There are a range of comparison finance sites at the moment that people can frequently on a day to day basis visit such as Go compare, Compare the market.

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